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Big Island

2002-12-11 1 min read marco

Just got the Big Island book from the Hawai’i Guidebook series. Seems odd that an island that big would have that few sights, and worse still that few notable ones. If I compare this with the corresponding books on Kaua’i and Maui, the density of sights and their quality seems much lower.

I wonder why that is. Hawai’i sounds much more diverse and interesting than the other islands, as long as nature is concerned. Granted, it’s not the island for the thrill seeker or the party animal, but that’s not what I was looking for.

I have been to Big Island. One day, spent mostly in the car, visiting Hilo and the rainforest park North of it, and then to Kilauea and the beach. It was wonderful, yet in vast stretches (driving on the Belt to Kilauea, say) monotonous. It had an almost Florida-esque quality, with all its massive mountain.

I can still see how Maui claims to be ‘no ka ono’ and Kaua’i the Beautiful.

But I will have to explore Big Island again.