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California Rain

2002-12-10 1 min read Cycling General marco

It’s official now: the rainy season started. California will be enveloped in clouds for a considerable portion of the next four months, drowning us in three quarters of the annual rainfall.

And yet, although my biking will have to be cut back, it is not all bad. You should see the clouds lit afire by the setting sun, or the pink watercolors you’d see in the morning looking east. I sometimes try to catch those paintings with a camera, but they are as elusive as hummingbirds – of whom we see more now that they rely on the feeder to get through the winter.

And then, of course, you have the pleasure of the days getting longer again. Two weeks, and the shortest day will be past us, and the slow crawl towards normality will start again. Soon after the days will be recognizable again, there you are, the mimosas will explode in color and perfume, and I will be able to savor their fragrance on my way home.

Dreadful all you get from the winter is the desire to get out of it.