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Making Inkscape Do Nice Things

2008-07-02 6 min read Howto marco
The more I am using software for the KDE system, the more I like it. I mean that literally: very powerful applications that can do pretty much everything you would need from them, but they are inscrutable and unless you spend a ton of time with them, you won’t get much benefit at all. KDE is not alone there. I guess the single most needlessly inscrutable application ever written by mankind is Blender, a monstrosity from a user interface perspective that looks like it is a sysadmin tool written for glitz effects and pretty pics. Continue reading

How do I get my URL

2008-01-25 2 min read Howto marco
This is a really easy one, but since I had to crawl across the gravatar site to find out how to do it, here is a quick introduction to get the URL for your gravatar. No thrills and frills, but it does what most of us will need. First, you need to create a gravatar account, if you don’t already have one. Gravatar is a site that aggregates avatar images for the different social networking sites (like Facebook, MySpace, etc. Continue reading

Surviving a Catastrophic IMAP (Cyrus) Crash

2006-05-31 2 min read Howto marco
In a similar post I described what to do in case your IMAP server crashes and it still behaves well. This time, though, Cyrus crashed and burned beyond recognition, and there was nothing I could do to save the databases. All utilities in the books simply told me the db files were corrupt, and I should run recovery. I ran recovery, and nothing happened… This time I found a two-way approach helped a lot: first, I instituted nightly backups of my email server, and keep the last three days, three weeks, and three months on file. Continue reading

Setting the CUPS admin password

2006-05-12 1 min read Howto marco
You can get to the CUPS admin page by connecting to http://localhost:631. But if you want to do anything useful, you have to present your administrator password. Who’s the administrator? root of course.What’s the password? Well, you have to set it to whatever you want. To do so, go to a root shell and type: lppasswd -a root Enter a password, and that’s what you use in the CUPS screens.

Recovering from IMAP crash

2006-02-21 3 min read Howto marco
One morning I connect to my IMAP server and it tells me there is an I/O error. Terrified, I connect using SSH and find out the hard drive is full of backup files. This in turn seems to have caught Cyrus in the worst possible moment, and I struggle to restart it. Whenever I do, I get weird error messages like this: Feb 21 04:35:15 invent lmtpunix[9573]: DBERROR db4: PANIC: fatal region error detected; run recovery Continue reading
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