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Did Jesus Bless a Gay Couple?

2011-10-14 12 min read Fiction marco
This is a post in a series expanding themes encountered in the novel, In the Mission There were many passages in the Gospels that I didn’t understand, as a child. I would read them with my mother, she would explain them, and they still didn’t make a lot of sense to me. I decided that I’d just have to wait to understand them, just like when the adults talked about sexy things. Continue reading

Work Has Started

2011-08-19 3 min read Fiction marco
Fresh from the success of In the Mission, I decided to start working on the novel’s successor. There were so many loose ends in the first installment, it almost felt like the first Matrix movie – the story and the plot made sense on their own, but you just wanted to know what happened after that. It’s funny how every reader seems to pick up on a different “loose end:” There is the story of the Archbishop who proposes an exchange because he thinks the kidnappers are really after him – one reader wanted to know what happened with that before any other comment. Continue reading

Writing In the Mission (3: Gospels)

2011-06-23 5 min read Fiction marco
*[This is part 3 of a series of blog posts about writing* In the Mission.] I will innocently admit: the first time I read the Gospels as a “novel,” I was horrified. The story had giant holes, contradicted itself here and there, and seemed to veer towards the end with no sense and rhyme. Instead of having the giant hulk of artistic accomplishment of the Torah, this seemed an amateur effort at best. Continue reading

Writing In the Mission (4: Mystery)

2011-06-23 4 min read Fiction marco
Happy to have finished yet another novel, this time I felt confident enough that I sent it to a series of friends and acquaintances for feedback. I sent out about 12 copies, and waited for feedback. To my horror, 8 didn’t respond at all, even after prodding and asking – I assumed they had hated it so much, they wouldn’t even want to talk about it. 4 of my readers, though, came back with enthusiastic feedback and I was a little puzzled. Continue reading

Writing In the Mission (2: Startup)

2011-06-18 6 min read Fiction marco
*[This is part 2 of a series of blog posts about writing* In the Mission.] In 1998 I was working as an IT consultant for mid-size businesses in Germany. The business was starting to take off, what with mid-size businesses not being able to affod a full-time IT person (back in the day). I was at the point where I had to decide whether to expand the business, but before taking on responsibility for someone else’s income, I decided to try something out. Continue reading

Writing In the Mission (1: Origins)

2011-06-08 4 min read Fiction marco
Well, now that my novel, In the Mission, is out and available, I thought it might be a good moment to write about the writing process. You know, a little like a making of DVD bonus feature, only you have to read it instead of watching it. How did I come up with it? Well, In the Mission has a long story. I started thinking about it in the mid-90es, when I was young and crazy. Continue reading