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One more month

2006-02-28 1 min read Newsflash Administrator
{moszoomimglink:Kitchen tiles}The list of things to do is shrinking and shrinking. Remember, I presented it last month, and here is a new colored version (green: HAPPENING; grey: DONE): Wall to the master bedroom and MBR closet All swinging doors (14, plus closets) Fixed doors to the kitchen Drywalls and mud Painting Electrical (all) Plumbing (finish) Bathroom and kitchen tiles Not bad, huh?


2005-06-12 1 min read Newsflash Administrator
{moszoomimglink:House under construction}So I was looking for a house in San Francisco. A horribly disappointing affair, I confess. It certainly became quickly clear there was something wrong with the market once they started trying to sell me a 2BR/2B fixer upper for over a million dollars. I went and I looked elsewhere. I chose the Big Island of Hawai’i, a place where I always wanted to live. Worked out just nice – I got a huge estate for a decent price. Continue reading


2005-06-12 1 min read Newsflash Administrator
Welcome back! The site was down for about a month, while I was trying to sort out problems with my DSL connection. How sad is that?

Switching to Mambo 4.5.2

2005-05-14 1 min read Newsflash Administrator
Still getting used to Mambo, but really excited about it. I am actually so happy with the new site, I moved the homepage over via Javascript. If you go to the landing page, will redirect you to this Mambo site.