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Mambo/PHP Weight Table

I was continuing to learn about Mambo and thought the next step forward would be to create a component. I learned how to do Mambots (really easy) and now it was time for something more complex.

Components in Mambo have two things in particular:

  1. They are meant to be displayed as body of the page
  2. They have an administrator component

I was struggling to find something that I could contribute in the area, then I realized it was staring at me!



What do I read on SlashDot? Well, what do you know, the last major contributor to Mambo left Miro (the company that created Mambo Open Source) and now the project is being rebuilt from the outside.

That’s how Mambo is getting a new name, a new site, and new people. It’s going to be called joomla, which supposedly stands for something somewhere, but I am sure is somehow related to the oo craze. Too bad the initial ‘j’ can’t stand for Java!

Added support for Zoom in Sitemap module

Easy – peasy! Well, I had enough experience with the Zoom internals when I attempted this. The Mambomap module is an easy to use module for the display of a sitemap. It takes a series of options (which I ignored) and allows you to display all content on your site in an easy-to-use tree.

The only changes required are to the mambomap.html.php file. There, you register a function to handle Zoom (here you would add a hook for an option to display or not the galleries) and one to retrieve and display all galleries. I chose to implement the latter as two functions: one retrieves the galleries, the other recurses into them to build a tree.

It took a long while (about 4h), but then I got the hang of it. Spent most of the time debating with myself how to pass by reference and by value in PHP.


Minor Bug in ZooM Ecards fixed

I noticed that when I sent an ecard from this site, it always ended up showing the master size of an image instead of the view size. Easy enough to fix! Just go to line 138 and change it to read:


where it reads:


right now.

Do the same on line 188.



Who would have thought math would came back to haunt me in the most delectable way??? I found a mosbot (mostex) that renders TeX formulas in the simplest of ways. You just add the mostag "tex" in your content, and you get a formula that ‘looks’ right.

Say you want to have ‘x square plus y square’ in your content. You enter { tex } x^2 + y^2 { /tex } and that renders as {tex} x^2 + y^2 {/tex}. That’s much prettier, of course.


Upgrading to Mambo 4.5.2

Amazing! The install file and the web site said it would be painless – and indeed it was painless!

I downloaded 4.5.2, looked at it, and it seemed to touch EVERYTHING in the system. That got me quite scared, of course, and frankly I quite didn’t buy the fact that every file needed to be changed because of ‘copyright notices’ and such. But in the end I trusted the ease of getting my old site back, if needed, and I risked it.


Adding RSS awareness to your site

I just figured out how to make my site have the neat [RSS] box that Firefox displays to indicate your site has an RSS feed available.

It’s actually very simple: you just have to go to the Administrator screen. There, in Modules, select Syndicate. In Syndicate, look to the right and click on Parameters.

What is moscontentlink?

Just after I finished moszoomimglink, I created another useful mambot. This one allows you to add a link to any content on your site, provided you know its title.

To use it, the syntax is very simple:

  • { moscontentlink:’Item’ }
  • { moscontentlink:’Item’|’Alternate text’ }


What is moszoomimglink?

I am one of those guys that writes reports about trips he's made, and 'spices' them up with relevant pictures taken on the road. I like having the prose interrupted by my images, because it's easier on the eye, because you have a better chance of figuring out if you are interested in a particular ride or hike if you see the surroundings, and just because I am so proud of my pictures.

In parallel, I started looking at all the different forms of gallery add-ons for Mambo. I looked at all the non-integrated ones, looked at all the integrated ones, and ended up liking zOOm the best. I found it had a few bugs, a few idiosyncrasies, but all in all it worked the best for me. (more…)