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Ancient Roman Celebrities (No K, W, X, Y, Z)

Letter Main Candidate Secondary Comments
A Augustus   First official emperor
B Brutus   Killer of Caesar
C Caesar   First unofficial emperor
D Diocletian   Ruled over the Empire at its largest extent
E Eusebius   First chronicler of the Christian Church
F Flavius Fabius Both are names of gentes, the aristocratic families of Rome
G Germanicus   Father of crazy Caligula
H Hadrianus   Roman emperor, usually spelled Hadrian in English
I Irenaeus   Church theologian
J Julius   Name of the gens to which Caesar belonged
L Livius   Name of a gens, made famous by the historian that goes by its name
M Marcus   Common name (see Marcus Aurelius and Marcus Antonius) derived from Mars
N Nero   Emperor famous for burning down Rome
O Octavius   Common name, for the eight-born
P Pompeius   Another gens, made famous by several Romans (Pompey)
Q Quintus   Common name, for the fifth-born
R Romulus   The founder of Rome
S Scipio Sextus, Septimus A gens made famous by the winner against Carthage
T Titus Traianus Early Roman emperor
U Ulpius   Gens to which the emperor Trajan belonged
V Valens   Late emperor, captured by the Persians

Countries (No W, X)

Letter Main Candidate Secondary Comments
A Angola Albania, Algeria, Austria Shortest length
B Brazil Benin Largest
C China Chile, Canada, Cuba Largest
D Denmark Dominica Shortest
E Egypt Ecuador,Eritrea, Estonia, Ethiopia Shortest
F France Fiji, Finland Permanent member of UN Security Council
G Greece Gabon, Germany, Guinea Cradle of civilization
H Haiti Honduras, Hungary Shortest
I India Iraq, Iran, Italy, Israel Largest
J Japan Jamaica, Jordan Largest
K Kenya Korea, Kuwait Korea is split, Kuwait is small
L Laos Latvia, Lebanon, Libya Shortest
M Mali Malta, Malaysia, Mexico Shortest
N Nepal Norway, Niger, Nigeria Shortest (with Niger, which would easily get confused)
O Oman  
P Peru Panama, Poland, Pakistan, Portugal Shortest
Q Qatar  
R Russia Romania, Rwanda Largest
S Spain Syria, Sweden, Sudan, Somalia Easiest to spell
T Turkey Togo, Tonga, Tunisia, Tuvalu Largest
U Uganda Uruguay, Ukraine, USA (?) Shortest
V Vietnam Vanuatu, Venezuela Shortest
Y Yemen  
Z Zambia Zimbabwe Shortest