Wordle 233 1/6


The world is gripped by a new game: Wordle, which is an odd and addictive combination of a word guessing game with MasterMind, a game involving color created in 1970. You have six tries to guess a five letter word, and for each guess you get in reply which letters of your word are correct, which ones would be correct in a different location, and which ones are plain wrong.

Say the word to guess is SABLE and your try is KEBOB. Wordle would show you a green B in the middle, since both words have the letter B in third place. Since both words contain the letter E, but in different locations, it would be colored yellow. The letters K and O, not present in SABLE, would be colored gray.

In 2022, another year of the plague (at least in the beginning, I am crossing my fingers) this game has stormed the Internet. Smart people are playing it, dumb people are playing it, and I am the world’s best player. I always guess the word on the first try. Five green boxes, baby!

This article is not about being the world’s best player, and not about how I “cheated.” This article is about the tools I used to figure out the game’s logic. These tools are available to anyone that uses a modern desktop browser, and maybe this writeup will inspire you to learn how to figure out new things.