Circle Around the Rockies: Seeking Fresh Powder Edition

2015-03-07 103933 20150318 2043875689Mountain Collective? Check! Car? Check! Hotels? Check! Snowboarding gear? Check!

This is the second instalment of the yearly Spring Break Snowboarding series. Last year’s was about the West Coast, this year it was all in the Rockies. I went with my amazing friend Michael again, and we had an absolute blast!

The Mountain Collective, for those of you that joined this time around, is a loose group of ski resorts that all banded together to combat the evil empire, a.k.a. Vail Resorts (VR). VR owns a large number of places on the West Coast, including many of my favorites (like Heavenly and Kirkwood). Their passes are relatively cheap and suck up a lot of the snowboarding that could be going to the resorts in the Collective.

Given that VR buys failing resorts, the ones it leaves out are the best of the crop. The ones with the famed snow, the famed villages, but also with the famed crazy expensive everything. Mountain Collective resorts are high-end both on the slopes and after the sun goes down.

The deal is that you get two (2) free days at each resort, and then 50% off on all days after that. It’s not as good a deal as VR’s Epic Pass, which costs less than twice as much but gives you unlimited free skiing/boarding. At the same time, if you want to ski at any of the resorts, it’s frequently the only option available to save any real money.

Last year we did the three of six resorts on the West Coast: Mammoth, Squaw/Alpine, and Whistler. This year, it was time to hit the other three, all of them located in the Rockies: Jackson Hole, Snowbird, and Aspen/Snowmass.

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