Month: February 2015

Firewire Unibrow Timbertek – The Review

Firewire UnibrowIt seems impossible that I’ve had the Unibrow for just two months! It’s grown on me so fast, it feels like we’ve been best buddies for a very long time. So here my impressions of my new BFF in the ocean.

First Impressions

I wrote about the Unibrow briefly when I mentioned Firewire Demo Days. They hold them frequently enough that I got a chance to form an opinion. Not a good one at first: the board is very narrow and it takes a while to get used to it. Because of the form factor, it tends to like some types of waves better than others. Since I couldn’t pick the waves on demo day, my experience with the Unibrow was so-so at best.

Basically, this board underwhelms on small days, where its salient features can’t shine. Also, it feels a bit unstable at first. The combination can be quite toxic, and it took me a while to catch a good wave on the demo days. Granted, I was mostly demoing the Baked Potato (that I then bought) and had to split the remainder of my attention between the Unibrow, the Vanguard, and the Spitfire.

The Choice

I never did a good demo on the Unibrow, and my guess is that not a lot of people do. Still, every time I tried it out, I liked it more. It felt radically different from the Baked Potato to which I was starting to get used. It was less forgiving, but more precise. If the BP is a micro-aircraft carrier built for small waves, the Unibrow felt like a precision tool meant to dissect large open waves.

I wavered for a long while. As with the BP, the price turned me off: it’s a piece of foam with an epoxy shell, how could it possibly cost $800 bare? But then I realized how much fun I had with the BP, and that I wouldn’t want to go out on overhead days with it. I needed a winter board, and the BP wouldn’t cut it.


Legendary Creatures (all letters)

Legendary creatures for no reason
Letter Main Candidate Secondary Comments
A  Alp Antaeus  
B  Banshee Basilisk  
C  Centaur Chukwa, Chimera  
D  Dragon    
E  Elf Encantado  
F  Firebird Faun, Fairy  
G  Garuda Gorgon, Goblin, Gnome, Griffin  
H  Hydra Hippocamp, Hesperides  
I  Incubus Imp, Irin, Inugami  
J  Jinn    
K  Kraken Kinnara, Kobold  
L  Lilith Lindworm  
M  Mermaid Mogwai, Manticore, Mandrake, Minotaur  
N  Numen Nawao  
O  Ogre Ouroboros  
P  Pegasus Phoenix  
Q  Qilin Quetzalcoatl  
R  Rompo Revenant  
S  Sphinx Siren, Sandman  
T  Titan Thunderbird  
U  Unicorn    
V  Vampire Valkyrie  
W  Werewolf Wyvern  
X  Xana    
Y  Yale    
Z  Zombie