Lenovo Y50 FrontI am the lucky owner of a brand new Lenovo Y50. It’s a screaming fast machine, with a gorgeous screen (despite what naysayers complain about – mostly the yellows and the refresh rate). It’s meant for gamers, but a developer like me can like it, too. It’s just beautiful, and relatively lightweight, and did I mention it’s screaming fast?

But the big question was: How Do I Set It Up Most Efficiently?

“Most efficiently” in this context means: least time, best setup moving forward. I wanted to recreate my development desktop onto the laptop, which meant not just installing the OS and the software, but to also move configuration files and data.

It’s a problem I have been grappling with for a while: where should stuff live to be “immortal?” Where should it live to be easy to access? And where should it live not to be a burden?