PRIMER: Redundant Data Backup in the Cloud for Linux

Here is my problem: when I travel, I want to have access to my most important documents (like my passport, or my drivers license, or the airline tickets, or a bunch of other things). I want to have access to those documents particularly if I lose my computer and the originals. Imagine I am in Fiji on a surf trip (I wish!) and my everything gets stolen while i conquer Cloudbreak. I come out, have nothing, and have nothing to prove that I once had something.

I could store documents online, of course. But then I have to deal with security issues. What if someone gains access while I am not watching? Can I trust the company that stores them to do so securely? What if the company runs out of business? What if a hacker locks me out of my account, and I have no way to get back access?

Also, once I come up with a system that stores my emergency documents safely and securely, what about non-emergency documents? Can I find a system that stores things securely and safely, but can be updated constantly? Is there a way to have files saved online that doesn’t jeopardize their integrity?

I figured out the way, and now I am replicating my sensitive documents online, trusting my experience and not any company’s promise. And this article is a howto on how you can do so, too.

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