Movies (No letters missing)

Famous and not so famous movies. Precedence given to names instantly recognizable as movies
Letter Main Candidate Secondary Comments
A  Alien Aliens  
B  Bambi Bullitt Bambi is easier to spell
C  Casablanca   Sorry, nothing else is an option
D  Dracula Dumbo One Disney animation from the 40s is enough
E  Exorcist   Would need the article, “The”
F  Fargo Fitzcarraldo  
G  Gigi Gandhi, Goldfinger, Goodfellas Personal choice would be Goldfinger
H  Hair    
I  Ikiru    
J  Jaws    
K  Kick-ass   Hey! I liked it
L  Lolita    
M  Moonstruck M  
N  Network   Computer geeks love the fact this is not about a computer network
O  Othello   Gotta have at least one Shakespeare adaptation
P  Psycho Patton, Platoon, Pinocchio, Poltergeist  
Q  Quadrophenia    
R  Robocop Rebecca Rebecca was my first choice, but only because it was my mom’s favorite movie
S  Shrek Serpico, Silkwood, Spartacus  
T  Tootsie Traffic, Trainspotting  
U  Unforgiven    
V  Vertigo    
W  Weekend  Wolverine  
X  X-Men   Easy one!
Y  YOLO   Technically, You Only Live Once (1937)
Z  Zardoz Zoolander