Sweets (No letters missing)

Sweets words in alphabetical order – single word only (you really don’t want to figure out how multiple words are spelled out in your VCS)
Letter Main Candidate Secondary Comments
A  Amaretto  Apple  Apple is just an ingredient, at least amaretto is sweet
B  Baiser    
C  Cake  Chocolate  
D  Donut    
E  Eclair    
F  Fudge    
G  Gelato    
H  Honey    
I  Icing    
J  Jelly    
K  Kiwi    
L  Lollipop   Licorice  
M  Muffin    
N  Napoleon    
O  Orange    
P  Pie    
Q  Quince    
R  Recipe    
S  Strudel  Sundae, Scone  
T  Trifle  Toffee, Truffle  
U  Umeboshi    Pickled prune
V  Vanilla    
W  Waffle    
X  Xylitol    Artificial sweetener
Y  Yummy    Adjective, but who cares
Z  Zabaglione    

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