Ancient European Divinities (No Letters Missing)

Letter Main Candidate Secondary Comments
A  Athena  Apollo  
B  Bacchus    
C  Cupid Ceres  
D  Diana    
E  Eir   Celtic
F  Frigg   Nordic
G  Gaia   Earth goddess in Greece
H  Hera Helios  
I  Isis Iris  
J  Juno Jupiter  
K  Kronos    
L  Lugus   Celtic Mercury
M  Mars    
N  Neptune    
O  Orcus   Etruscan underworld god, hence orcs
P  Pax Pluto, Pan  
Q  Quirinus   The founder god of Rome
R  Rhea    
S  Sif   Wife of Thor
T  Thor   Husband of Sif
U  Uranus    
V  Venus  Vesta  
W  Wotan    
X  Xanthus   One of the Greek wind gods
Y  Ymir    
Z  Zeus    

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