KSnapshot is the best of programs, and KSnapshot is the worst of programs.

First of all, KSnapshot is a terribly nifty utility that takes screenshots of the current screen. It’s very flexible and allows you to grab the whole screen, a single window on the screen, an area of a window, a random rectangle on the screen, or even some weird shape that you draw on the screen. It’s got tons of opportunities for you to record what’s going on.

Also, it is very powerful in what you can do with the grabbed stuff: you can save it in a variety of formats, you can send it on to some other application (for instance, email or photo editing). But wait! There is more! You can request a delay, so you can arrange the screen just the way you want (for instance, if you want to grab a video still); you can have or remove window decorations; and you can or may not include the mouse, if it happens to be where you are grabbing.

To top it all off, KSnapshot is integrated into the default desktop. When you hit the Print Screen key, it pops up, with a grab of the screen (minus KSnapshot) already in it. Save it, and you are done!

Sadly, KSnapshots also has a series of stupid quirks that are largely unexplained. What’s quirky is that the functionality is there, it’s just unreachable.