After the Saturday Firewire demo in Pacific Beach, I decided to buy a Baked Potato. It’s is the perfect summer board for me: short, fat, and wide (heck, it almost looks like me!). Short means it handles well and has quick turns; wide means it provides stability in the frequently choppy/churny/crossed swell; fat means it has all the volume it needs to keep me afloat and to allow me to paddle into the better waves.

I demoed it three times already, so I feel pretty comfortable with it. The first time was at Pipes, at the Surfride demo day. I tried the 5’5″ and 5’7″ Baked Potato and thought the longer one better. It was a fairly lame day on a completely new break, so I am not sure I should have been all excited.

The second time was on a pretty big swell day in May. I happened to get into the Shores parking lot when I saw the demo canopy and decided I really had to try something. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I went for the 5’7″ Baked Potato and the Potatonator. Felt good, but I still didn’t feel I had a good idea of what I really wanted.

Then there was the demo day last Saturday. I mentioned it in a separate post, but what came out of it was that I really loved the way the BP handled itself in the backwashy surf of the day. It felt like a little aircraft carrier, always sure of where it wanted to go, but responding to my pleas to get around some section that was looking sketchy. It was the first board I tried, when the surf was still decent, but that experience sealed the deal.