unibrowvanguardbaked-potatoThe good folks at Firewire Surfboards came into town again, this time at my local break. They set up their truck in front of South Coast Surf Shop and had a good selection of boards with them. I had already tried a few here and there, but this time I wanted to give them the big test: a multi-hour session in 2-4 foot wind swell.

I got there just in time for the truck to open. Same guys I had seen at previous demos, same deal: sign a release form, hand over your drivers license, and get the board you want. You can either bring your own leash, or take one of those they have handy.

I did my research before showing up and had both the models and the sizes in mind. The guys that were there are extremely helpful, and they could direct you to the right combination for your skill level and the surf of the day.

Of all the possible choices, I first went with the short and fat Baked Potato. It is a thick board that gets to the right volume for me (about 34 liters) in a very short and wide package. I took it out first, in the 5’5″ variant, and was stoked.

Today’s surf was a choppy and bumpy wind swell, Mostly NW, but with some annoying cross-swell from the SW that made the rights real scary at times. I wondered how well the Baked Potato would do in that funky mix, especially as a demo board with no traction pad.

The first wave threw me out completely. I barely managed to get standing when I completely oversteered and landed on my butt. I was about to return the thing, but I figured it was a little (lot) silly to give up so soon.