Day: February 12, 2013

Switching Back From Chrome to Firefox

It was a while back that I started using Chrome. Firefox had the major problem that it all ran in one process, which means that if one tab froze, the entire browser did. To compound the problem, there was no easy way to start Firefox standalone – whenever I started a new browser instance, it would just detect that Firefox was already running, and piggy-back on the running product.

Chrome worked well for me – still does. I started out running only the more troublesome web sites in it, but relied on it more and more, especially after it became clear that running both browsers required so much memory, my system would slow down as a whole.

Lately, though, I started noticing a troubling trend again: Chrome was slowing down. Dramatically. Worse: my system would slow down. Dramatically. If I ran my usual amount of research tabs (for the new novel), added a bit of fun tabs (cat videos and autocorrects), and the usual staples (email, Surfline, etc.) I wouldn’t be able to do much more. No loading Eclipse or KDevelop, for instance. I needed a whole computer just for browsing.

Looking at the reasons, I started up top. It was apparent that much of the time some background process in the browser was freezing up the system. That was easily fixed. But most of the time, there was no load on the system, just incredible amounts of memory usage. 


Kubuntu 12.10 Quantal on a Samsung Series 9 (NP900X3D)

Samsung Series 9I had been following Ultrabooks for a while, but they seemed constantly overpriced. I loved the form factor, but the aesthetics and better hardware didn’t seem to justify a 100% increase in price. Especially since I am not really short on laptops.

Something about the Series 9, though, was different. It was faster, lighter, thinner, and had a better screen resolution than other Ultrabooks, and those were my requirements to a tee. It also runs Windows 8, which I hadn’t used before, and I needed a test machine.

When Amazon lowered the price from sticker ($999) to $699, I knew I was going to buy it. I did, and I can safely say this is my new favorite laptop.

In the following you’ll find a brief review and instructions or installing and running the latest Kubuntu, Quantal Quetzal, on it.