Day: December 31, 2012

The Ten Worst Habits of Advanced Surfers

YouTube has some funny videos – even about surfing! The one every novice should watch, though, is titled, How Not To Be a Kook.


It’s a short compendium of the things you need to watch out for when you start out. The rules of the trade, the etiquette in the water, the all-important right-of-way. The things listed in the video are very typical of novices and any surfer worth their salty hair will know better.

Still, watching the video got me thinking. There is a lot that advanced surfers do wrong. It’s not that it’s wrong because it’s not in the rule book, but because it’s terribly unsportsmanlike. So, here a list in ascending order of annoyance.


The Most Translated Pages on Wikipedia

There is a list on Meta, the wiki about Wikipedia, that contains 1,000 articles deemed important for a new language version of Wiki. So if you come up with some new language (not Klingon, please!), you should first translate these articles to kick start your project.

I looked through the list and found it extremely arbitrary. It was pretty obvious it was a curated list that had someone’s opinion of the things that matter. So I decided to do my own footwork and determine what articles you should translate first.

anarchism-wikiTo do so, I decided that the thing that matters the most is what other languages decide that matters. And a language decides what matters by writing an article about it. And if a language other than the language in which you are reading the article has the article, too – there is going to be a link on the left that tells you about that.

The little image on the right shows what I mean: on every Wikipedia page there is a list of languages for which the article you are reading is available. Curiously, the list contains the names of the languages, although the link is to the exact article that is the translation.

Now the question: what are the articles with the most translations? The ones that are most translated are probably also the ones you want to translate into your new language, no?

After a brief investigation, it appeared that nobody had asked that question before. There are all sorts of lists of articles, but none that did what I wanted. Since Wikipedia is an open effort, i decided to look at what it would take to find the information on my own.