Month: April 2012

Withings WiFi Scale

withingsIf you have been following this blog for a while, you know that I track my weight. Ever since the days of the fat teenager, I wanted to keep it under control. I’ve had my ups and downs, but in the past 20 years, I have never moved more than 10 pounds from my standard weight of 174.

I wrote software to track my weight on a variety of platforms. It became the default thing for me to do with every new programming language and UI environment: create a widget that allows you to enter weight (and later bodyfat) data and display it in a meaningful way.

What I have always lacked is a scale that does more than display the results. I wanted a scale that transmits the information to some place. Couldn’t find anything interesting at a reasonable price, until I got the Withings WiFi scale.


A proud moment

Without much further ado, here two YouTube videos that illustrates the progress you can make in just a few weeks of surfing. First a video shot at the end of February (uploaded on the 27th):


Then this latest video, from mid-April (uploaded on the 13th):


Notice the differences:


YHIHF: Microsoft is Going to Buy Nokia

n9 vs lumia 800Nokia is not doing well. The once juggernaut of the mobile space is still a ubiquitous household name in most of the world, but its name is increasingly associated with “low-tech,” cheap phones. In particular, Apple is eating its lunch in the lucrative smartphone space, where Nokia once ruled the roost.

After ruling out a refresh of its aging Symbian OS, Nokia was trying out various variants of Linux. We first had a tablet, the Nokia N770, refreshed a few times. Then we had a phone, the N900. Another phone, the N9 followed. And then, nothing.

Instead, Nokia’s management got replaced, and now the helm of the company is in the hands of a former Microsoft man. His first order of business: to declare a global alliance between Nokia and Microsoft. From now on, Nokia was going to focus on building Windows phones. And those of us who had a Nokia Linux phone wondered, What’s the big idea?