As a good California resident, it’s no surprise I cast my lot (figuratively) with Barack Obama, the clear favorite of the Golden State. Indeed, after the shortest election night I can remember, we heard the concession speech just after 8p and the victory speech soon after.

One has to admit that the real surprise of the night was John McCain’s concession speech. It was the McCain I remember pre-2004: the man of integrity that puts his country above his own interests and those of his party. He was gracious beyond reproach, in one fell swoop making me forget the rhetoric he had been spewing for months. Besides, the words were aided by his demeanor. John McCain seemed genuinely relieved this election was over. Not that he lost it, mind you, just that it was over and that he could return to being the man he had been his whole life long. I doubt we’ll see him running for president again.

Barack Obama’s speech was great, but it wasn’t a surprise. He said all the right things, he re-emphasized his main campaign points, he pushed the notion of bipartisanship and of coming together. He was brilliant, but somehow we have gotten used to it already, and expectations on this side of the fence are almost infinite, yet it somehow seems that what we consider infinite now is doable, quite doable.

To my dismay, California Proposition 8, the Gay Marriage Amendment, passed by a slim majority of 52% – 48%. I am really heartbroken about his, especially because of the questionable provenance of the support for it.