I woke up this morning and checked a bug report on the Tcl weight table utility I wrote. I have now several years of (admittedly intermittent) weight data, so now the utility loads a little slowly, and then you have to grab the scrollbar to move around the many years.

As you quickly learn, idioms and paradigms move on the Internet. I remember the day I picked up a mouse in a computer store in Germany, not knowing what to do with it, in a scene reminiscent of Scotty in Star Trek IV. Nowadays we are so used to a mouse, we don't even know how to use a computer without it (nor is there a realistic way to use X or Windows or Mac OS X without one, thanks to keyboard-hating developers).

Once, maps were an image with scroll buttons on the sides. That's how 411.com worked (later sold to Yahoo!, I believe), then MapQuest. That paradigm led the way for a long time: it is understandable, requires no prior knowledge, and doesn't force you to reload a lot. The downside? It's atrociously slow and doesn't really give you the map you want.