This review is the result of a Netflix crime: I just started my subscription (why has the time to process just trebled?), and this was one of the movies they strongly suggested I watch. Not sure why, but here are my thoughts.

First: in hindsight, the 80es were just as creative as the 70es or 60es, only their innovation was mostly atrociously ugly. Watching The Running Man shouts instantly "1987" at you, what with the women's dress and hairstyle, the cheesy music, the crapola choreography in the dance numbers. 

Second: watching any Arnold Schwarzenegger movie shot after The Terminator always has the damaging side effect of exposing you to "memorable quotes," like the iconic Hasta la vista, baby! In moderation, that's not bad, but the screenwriter, the director, and Arnie himself evidently do not know moderation.