Day: February 11, 2008

Locked out of Facebook

No sooner do I discover the new personals ad on Facebook that I start getting flagged for sending too many messages. It starts with a warning that you are about to exceed your quota for sending messages, that you have to slow down. This message shows up every time you send a message. Then I am shut out: I can use Facebook, can receive and read messages, but cannot send them.

Now, how many messages can you send until you get blocked? I didn't send a lot, despite the Personals app. I counted them, and despite the fact it's hard to figure out from the FB message box, it's about 50 in 5 days.

Would you think that 10 messages a day is such an egregious abuse that you should get flagged because of it? Would you think that if you send a message every hour, that still doesn't count as "slowing down"?


The Satanic Verses (S. Rushdie)

Well, it's a bit early for a review of The Satanic Verses just yet, since I barely have dented the first 20%, so forgive me for sharing preliminary thoughts. On the other hand, the first impression is probably what is going to be leading into the final review, so I probably should share how the beginning feels, alright.

I always wanted to read this book. Mr. Rushdie had been heralded as one of the greatest writers of the century, and not having read anything by him was a little dirty secret that I couldn't confess to anyone, even to me. I was going to read him, one day, I swore, constantly forestalling the moment whenever I ran into The Satanic Verses at any bookstore.