Day: January 29, 2008

Plan of Attack (B. Woodward)

It's been a while that I wanted to read the Bush trilogy that Bob Woodward put together. In three volumes, the celebrated co-reporter of the Watergate affair describes the inner workings of the Bush administration with the kind of depth that only a journalist with access to the original sources can have.

It sounds like President Bush was eager to have this reporting going on. Maybe he was trying to ensure that there was a full account of what had been going on, so that history could judge on its own with full disclosure, instead of relying on opinions of the uninformed. In any case, the trilogy has been heralded as the definitive account of Bush at War, its tag line.


Updated com_weight

I just tried out my old component (written some time in 2005, amazingly): com_weight. It's a weight table written as a component for Joomla, as the PHP version of my programming test in different languages.

It all started with me trying to lose weight in preparation of going to the military, where I knew I was going to be subjected to a strict regime of workout. So I wrote something that kept track of how I was doing, since I really don't care about my weight otherwise.

The first incarnation was in Tcl/Tk. It was a standalone application/script, and it did its job pretty well. To this day, of all the versions it's the one that has the best UI. Later on I wanted a web-ready version and rewrote the script in Perl. At that point, I started realizing that the weight table had great potential as a test of a language and my skills in it, so I rewrote it in Java (ugly as sin) and then as Joomla component.