{moszoomimglink:delancey_restaurant}Well, usually a move would not warrant yet another blog post – I guess everybody goes through them, and many of us have gotten used to the whole process. I wanted to highlight, though, the movers I used this and the last time, and recommend them to everybody that cares about their stuff.

Preparing for the Move 

First things first: anyone who moves has to take care of the process. Take a calendar and mark your desired move date, choose the movers and get a confirmed date. Try to get the first appointment in the day, since you don't want to be waiting in case something goes wrong with the move before you, and let that be a priority over the date.

Next, mark the period before and after the move on your calendar. If you have little to move, then a week is enough. Add 3 days for each child, 1 day for each hobby, and 2 days for each room. Not that you'll need to time full-time, but you really want to go about this without stress.