Day: January 6, 2008

Back from Whistler

{moszoomimglink:sunny_for_a_change}Thanks to the virtually infinite generosity of my friends Paul and Justin, I got to hang out at their place in Whistler this year for the second time. What was different this time? Well, I knew the mountain already, and so had much more fun exploring. My crazy friend D. (who wouldn't want to be named) was there, too – he shoved me up the worst couloirs on the mountain, and together we conquered some really fun terrain on Blackcomb.

The snow was wonderful, especially on the last day – when I sailed Peak to Creek in the flying powder. The bottom part was scary fun: the snow was criss-crossed by skiers and boarders, but it was still so soft everywhere you felt like you were surfing on whipped cream.


Registered Project and Released 1.0

Ok, that's not new news, since it's been done last year. Still, this site didn't record the change to the work that happened on the password store component on a purely organizational level, so here's my chance to catch up:

  • Password Store is now a component registered with Go to the com_passwords project if you want to download the latest and greatest, or if you want to log bugs, suggest improvements or (God forbid!) help out with development
  • Password Store is now an extension registered with That's an important step, since most people don't use directly. This second step actually just started, as I filed today, but I am hopeful the administrators will give me a chance to publish this.

Next, of course, the plugin/mambot that searches within notes. And, even more of course, improvements to the terribly lame user interface that came with the underlying content store.