Month: July 2007

Basilica (R.A. Scotti)

There are two periods in Italian history that would make for exciting movies and novels. One has been taken for good by Umberto Eco, whose masterful telling of the times of upheaval in the Middle Ages in The Name of the Rose define that very time in most people's minds.

The early modern era, which in Italy coincides with the Renaissance, is the other period whose trials, tribulations, and poisoned victims make for good reading and viewing. There is nobody, though, that staked a claim to that period yet. 



It used to be the case that I could ride for about 230 miles before I started thinking about buying new gas, but ever since I returned from Hawai`i, it's been only just about half as much and I am wondering what caused the change.

At first, I thought it might be tire pressure (although even on bare rims I should be able to do more than that). I went to the gas station down the hill, who had air but no pressure gauge, and added a little. It made a huge difference: the bike got all bouncy, like a racing cycle fresh from the shop! 


Monster Truck

{moszoomimglink:monster truck}After finding the truck of my dreams (or nightmares, depending on how you look at it) I began hauling stuff at random. The "new" truck, a Toyota Pickup, 15 years old, is a good work horse and does its trick on the property. It's fun to ride, too, although the 4WD is not as good as it should. It frequently slips on the purchase up to the house, which all rentals I had managed to do without a hitch.