Day: March 31, 2007

Moving into the Mission

A friend of mine from spinning class, Liz, finally made her dream come true and bought an apartment in the Mission. I really love her a ton, so I offered to help her with the move, and that's how I spent my usually sacred selfish Saturday.

We moved from the Northern reaches of Daly City. The neighborhood was mostly minority, with the black families living with their backs to the freeway, while the more affluent Asians dominated the upper reaches. Liz's sister-in-law pretended we were not there, almost refusing to say hello. We packed the truck within an hour and disappeared into Liz's new digs in the Mission. 


PSC Database Structure

After thinking about the component, it's time to define how it is going to work within the Joomla framework.

We will need two database tables:

  1. The per-user settings like passphrase, security question, etc.
  2. The notes themselves, tied to users

The first table needs to have the user id as primary key. Other columns will be:

  • encrypted passphrase
  • encrypted temporary passphrase
  • security question
  • encrypted answer to security question

The second table will be more complex and have the following columns in addition to an integer ID:

  • note title
  • note text (safe)
  • note text (encrypted)
  • creation time
  • last modification time
  • last access time
  • folders (for later use and expansion)