Day: March 27, 2007

Sierra Snow Alert

Just as I thought the seasons was over, I get an alert from Yahoo! telling me there are 19" of fresh powder in Sierra! Check out the picture from the Sierra webcam! {moszoomimglink:sierralift}

Password Store Component

I decided I need to do something useful with my spare time, and instead of continuing with useless trial projects, I will create a component that is of general use: a note taking tool that allows for strong encryption, defines password areas, and uses its own authentication schem. It is meant to store user account information in a secure fashion.

Given the amount of security coding I do, I have a clear idea of what I want: the component will store per-user specific notes whose first line becomes the title of the note. The content will be split in two categories: sensitive and highly sensitive. Sensitive content will not be encrypted in the database (but fully protected by the component). Highly sensitive content (essentially, passwords) will be encrypted using a specific passphrase. 

Users can search for a note, get the content, then enter the passphrase if they want to see the actual passwords. 

In addition to the note text, the system will keep metadata such as note creation and note modification, as well as note last access time.