Day: March 22, 2007

Motorcycle Category

{moszoomimglink:cbr600rr_01_}Now that I have a motorcycle and actually get to spend some time on it, I decided to create a brand new category/section on Joomla. So far, it's just going to be a motorcycle specific blog, but some time later I may add specific stuff about trips I am taking, or reviews of hardware I mean, bikes and accessories.

Put Myself on Diet

It was with surprise I stepped on a scale and found myself at 180 pounds. That's a record for me, and not a good one. So I revived my old Joomla weight component, and made it track my weight on a daily basis. For historic reasons, I added a food diary, but stopped short of Joomlifying it.

What do you know, the new focus seems to be making a difference. Within a couple of weeks, I went down five pounds, and I plan on moving even more. What helped? I think it's just the realization that consciousness of what you eat makes you eat less. Or, to put it in a different way, having to remember what you ate all day makes you want to eat less. 

Season’s Almost Over

Sometimes a year is not as good as all other ones. 2007, for instance, was a seriously crappy year for snowboarding in Tahoe. The season started late, was marginal at best, and is likely to end soon. 

Highlights? Disappointing visits to Northstar and Sierra, making friends on and off the slope, and a few good days in Heavenly. Then there was spring skiing in early March – so hot people started shedding clothes like it we were on the Bahamas.

And of course, my love of snowboarding has not shrunk in any way. I am still learning every time I go out, now starting to learn more about tricks, and gotten a lot of reckless speed on the board. I keep up with decent skiers already!