Day: September 12, 2006

Planning for the next stage

Hau`Oli Mau was a pleasant surprise: the weather is good, the pasture lush, and the house not infested by critters or otherwise damaged. Everything looks grea, and my life here is suddenly easier.

There are a few things that need to be done, though:

  • The carport is not even started
  • The power situation needs to be addressed
  • The windows have to be put in
  • The floor needs to be sanded
  • The permanent bathroom counters need to be put in
  • Furniture?
  • Some appliances are missing
  • I have to get pasture animals 


Crawling on 19

For those of you who know, Hawaiian driving is a bit of a surreal experience. There are namely three kinds of drivers in Hawaii:

  1. Kama`aina, the locals; notable for a propensity to drive strictly speed limit
  2. Malihini, the newcomers; always pushing the pedal to the metal in a quest to cut off 1 minute from their circumnavigational record of the island
  3. An unnamed and unstereotyped group that drives slower than anyone would think possible.

{moszoomimglink:One of the highway bridges}Yesterday, I was driving on Highway 19 (Hilo to Honoka`a), when I suddenly hit the brakes for a driver of the third type.