Month: August 2006

Resurrecting the site after upgrade

Again, an upgrade to Joomla – and again the change to sef.php reported previously. These security holes in Joomla start being costly for anyone that has done even minimal customization, and it start becoming relevant to actually change the behavior of Joomla to not require that kind of customization.

1453 (R. Crowley)

{moszoomimglink:1453}There are moments in time when history looks over your shoulders, and you know it. The whiff of history hit me twice: once in 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell right in front of my eyes; and then years later, when I was part of the Internet Bubble and could see with my own eyes fortunes made and unmade in days.

The year 1453 had one of the most astonishing event of that kind: Constantinople, the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, a bulwark against the world domination of Islam since the days of the prophet Muhammad, fell to the invading army of Mehmet II, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.

 Depending on whose side of the equation you are, 1453 is a year of elation or despair. For the Ottomans, it meant consolidating their vast possessions and gaining a capital that had world renown. For Orthodox Christians it meant losing the center of their universe – so much so that Tuesday (the day of the week on which the city fell) was considered unlucky in Greece.


Horror Story of a WoW Traveler

The following story is from the World of Warcraft forum. It is corroborated by a bunch of links, and it seems it is genuine. It's both funny and instructional – as it shows just how crazy the fear of terrorism has become.