Switched to Joomla

A new era for content management on this site: I switched from Mambo to Joomla, the new open-managed fork of the old CMS of choice. (I like the open-managed moniker.)
The transition was neither hard nor easy. I decided to try the copy instructions: copy the site to a new location, copy Joomla on top of it, then deal with all the problems.
Mostly, I had to retrieve files I had changed (like sef.php or the custom image on top). A little extra time went into debugging: I had to change the configuration to go to a different directory, and then revert back.

So far, the only issue I cannot figure out is the fact I have lost the ability to do rich edit: somehow the editor mambots are not firing. Otherwise, I particularly like the Administration interface, where they finally added sorting to the Content items. What a nightmare it was when you just wanted to publish an article, and there was no way of telling Mambo to please sort by date.
NEWSFLASH: I finally figured all I had to do was to set the variable $mosConfig_editor to the value of my favorite new editor, JCE, and all worked from there on. 

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