Day: February 28, 2006

Record time

The Hawaiian flight from Honolulu to San Francisco made it in record time: 4h 19m! This was due to a generous jet stream that gave us an excellent tail wind.

How unfortunate that said tail wind and jet stream were causing a major storm in San Francisco that forced a shutdown of the airport… In the end, the whole flight took 5 hours, as usual, and I made it home in time to be deprived of sleep by the wind.

But let me tell you this funny story about my getting to the airport…


One more month

{moszoomimglink:Kitchen tiles}The list of things to do is shrinking and shrinking. Remember, I presented it last month, and here is a new colored version (green: HAPPENING; grey: DONE):

  • Wall to the master bedroom and MBR closet
  • All swinging doors (14, plus closets)
  • Fixed doors to the kitchen
  • Drywalls and mud
  • Painting
  • Electrical (all)
  • Plumbing (finish)
  • Bathroom and kitchen tiles

Not bad, huh?

It’s heaping up!

The webcam says it all: it’s dumping snow in South Lake Tahoe! Great news, since it appears part of a system that will take us into the weekend, which will be devoted once more to snowboarding. This time the company sponsors an offsite, and that means Monday is included again (and again, I won’t be able to snowboard one day because I am going to be assisting beginners).

Hooray! I almost thought this snow season was beyond saving!

Late, late, late

Just came back from Ninole, with a day-long flight that managed to be by far the fastest I have taken. The plane made it into the Bay Area from Honolulu in 4:19, and then had to park due to heavy winds for 40 minutes (sigh).

The house is well, with the tile work in progress and the electrical close to rough-in. That means we still have a few weeks to go, but then it’s final inspection and I can my refi done. That’s going to be a huge thing for me, finally to be out of the strictures of a construction loan!!!

The weather was mixed. Saturday was nice after around 2, and I hung out at the beach until I got a bad sunburn. Sunday was nasty, a cloudy day followed by a stormy night. As I woke up in the morning to get a coffee, I saw the streams bursting with brownish-red water and crashing down the waterfalls.