Day: December 24, 2005

The China syndrome

So I was rushing down the mountain when a guy starts weaving back and forth on his skis. I patiently wait behind him to find his rhythm, and when I think I’ve got it, I start passing him to the right. That’s when he suddenly decides to stop dead in the middle of the run, and not catching himself right he slowly moves back towards the edge.

I had no chance to avoid him, so I sliced over his skis and fell badly into the snow. I called him an idiot, and he gave me a lecture on "keeping your distance behind fellow skiers." I didn’t call him any more names, but wondered why he behaved the way he did.


A South Lake Tahoe hotel roundup

This is going to be a little of an ongoing effort. I realized that I have been to a number of accomodations in SLT, and maybe it could be useful to pass on a little information about the hotels and inns of the place if you find yourself in need of advice.

The location: South Lake Tahoe is the biggest city around the lake, and is backed by the highest and largest ski resort in the area (actually, in all of Northern California). SLT, as it is abbreviated locally, is right on the Nevada state line, which means there are casinos aplenty on the other side of the "border."

SLT is great if you are an all-around person that wants to do a lot of different things and is happy with average Joe features. The best skiing is probably found in Squaw Valley (they tend to look down on boarders, though), while Kirkwood is reputed to be less crowded and more powdery. Squaw has probably the most upscale clientele, too, so if you are into the Finer Things In LifeĀ™ (a.k.a expensive and pretentious), that’s where you want to go.

The person: I am a pretty low key, early morning riser with lots of energy once I am on the slopes. When I get down, it’s time for the hot tub, a walk through town, a glass of wine, a round of cuddling if available, and then it’s sleep, coffee, and repeat.

SLT suits me best, because it’s an all around town. It has a 24h supermarket where I can get everything I need at the time I need it. It has a movie theater, restaurants, gyms; heck, it even has schools, high speed Internet access, and all.