Day: November 6, 2005

10 Worst Habits of Productive Employees

You know how it feels when you are trying really hard, but it somehow never seems to matter much? When you feel like your manager doesn’t see what you are doing, when you are not getting credit for all the hard work?

I know how it feels from both sides. Moving on to management changed my perception of how to make my work relevant, just as much as interviewing candidates improved my interviewing skills. Check out the essay {moscontentlink:Bottom 10 Habits of Productive Employees}!




Dude! Check out the board. It’s still regular. I can’t believe it!

Regular, for all you that don’t know yet, is a board on which the bindings are mounted to make you face to the left. Goofy is the opposite. The terms, I am told, come from wave surfing, the sport closest in physics to snowboarding.

When I went to do my first boarding trip ({moszoomalbum:2004-12-26}) I had no idea at all and ended up choosing regular more because I felt like a regular guy (stop laughing!) than anything else. I realized later that I had been too rash, but by then I had spent so much time getting comfortable, I didn’t want to change things around.

A friend then told me how to tell whether you are regular or goofy-footed: stand upright with your feet parallel. Then have someone push you with both hands forward. If your stabilize yourself with the right leg, you are regular. That simple. I came up with the left leg.