Day: November 4, 2005

Staircase Complete

Just finished speaking with Brad: the progress on the house seems to be fantastic! I don’t know how much of that I got right, but here is what I remember:

  1. The staircase from the ground floor to the first floor is complete
  2. Some of the interior walls are put in
  3. The cabinets are all moved out of the container and placed in the kitchen
  4. The plumber started working and thinks he’s going to be finished over the weekend

The only surprise (other than pleasant) in all of this was that there were three tubs, not two and a shower basin. Go figure. He’s going to make it work, regardless. Amazing!



Yahoo! Maps Beta

Did you try the new Yahoo! Maps? It’s aimed squarely at Google Maps, and it’s really a neat solution.

Flash based where Google prefers AJAX, Yahoo! Maps is fast, accurate, and has such nice gimmicks as:

  • drag and drop of locations to the "Directions" area
  • multiple locations for way points
  • finds places of interest along a route, not just near a point
  • live traffic cams

All in all, a huge success for Yahoo!



Slow start?

According to the Wester Regional Climate Center, there is definitely a shortage of snow on the mountains around Lake Tahoe. Looks like this might be a slow start of the season!

Usually, early November already sees accumulation, and the average snow depth for the month in Tahoe City is 3 inches. Now, looking at the resort cams, there isn’t any snow left even on top of the mountain! It’s so bad that Heavenly even turned off their cam, presumably not to embarrass fans.