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{moszoomimglink:canon_eos_digital_rebel_xt}I have been a fan of digital photography since the early days (for amateurs). My Nikon 950, despite its shortcomings, shot wonderful pictures. So did the 990 that replaced it. Unfortunately, I was always dreaming of something better. I remembered my old days with the first autofocus cameras, my first EOS 650, and the beautiful pictures it shot. Stolen by a vandal in Amsterdam, it was replaced with a Minolta that, I am sure, was state of the art back then.
Now I have been disappointed by too many digital cameras. All of them are ok, but none of them can really convince me. The Powershot 100 I used to own is no good, because it shoots at too low a resolution and because it takes it 2 seconds to fire up. The Fuji Finepix has a miserable battery life. The Canon G3, my most expensive digital to date, annoys me all the time with the stupid settings ring that decides to move on its own, forcing me to either keep the monitor open at all times (reducing the battery life), or to risk losing a good portion of my pictures.

Hence, a new shootout for the best digital SLR, since those are getting close to affordable. The mission: going to Hawai'i next time, and shoot a set of gorgeous pictures of the waterfall, of the house, and of everything I love about the island. Next time is Thanksgiving, and by then I don't want any crappy pictures.

The candidates: I searched for the longest time, and I am settling on four options.

  1. Canon EOS 350D Rebel XT
  2. Nikon D70s
  3. Canon EOS 20D
  4. Nikon D200

I have not tried any of the four, but I have read as much as I can, and here are first impressions:

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