Day: October 25, 2005

Nickel and Dimed (B. Ehrenreich)

A MUST READ. I don’t care what you have read this year, you HAVE to read this book.

An incredible account: successful journalist decides to descend into the bowels of mankind and tries to balance her budget by working like a low earner and spending like a low earner. She finds out that’s impossible.

What is really shocking is that she really, really tries. Barb goes in and tries herself at waitressing, at house-maiding, at Wal-Marting. And she fails. She fails, and she fails, and ultimately she fails. She just can’t make ends meet. Sometimes it’s the job that kills her, sometimes the housing market, sometimes her ailing health.


Second Month

{moszoomimglink:Honokaa/makai window frames (flash)} Back! This time, the weather was abysmal, but the progress was swift.

Brad succeeded in getting the floors done, the main lanai, the window frames. There was a lot to be looked at, and I am only sorry that it was so short. I had fun seeing the house growing, and for the first time I was already looking at furniture.

Brad was not only working on the house: he has been great with suggestions for improvement. He’s just about my hero in this whole deal – he worked for free for two months, then notified me he needed to see money, and stuck it through until I found some.

And the work!

I just gushed over the rows of screws that hold the lanai in place. Look at the floor, the precision of placement! Look at the window frames upstairs! Brad should not just be general contractor, he should have gotten a degree in architecture!

I am so pleased, I can hardly describe it. I can’t wait until it is Thanksgiving, and I will be able to stay there for five days!


It’s a sad moment. After a long series of sad moments. The 2000th American soldier died in Iraq. Despite the fact that I am not a citizen (yet), I find that deeply saddening. I am just thinking of myself when I was a young and stupid kid, being in the military, and realizing that’s probably who is in Iraq right now.

I remember us being trained in the Soviet Union being about to invade us. We knew that if that was going to happen, all of us would have been toast. And still we went on, happy to be around, happy to have friends – in uniform and without. We were silly, we were serious, but we always knew that it could hit us.

This is just for 2000 women and men in uniform that died in Iraq. I don’t care if it’s good or bad they were there. I don’t care if George Bush was right or wrong. What I care is that 2000 people died in their prime – all innocent people that wanted no harm to anyone.

God bless their soul. Every single one of 2000.