Day: October 11, 2005

OpenSuSE 10.0

I did it! After running my IBM Thinkpad T41 for a year on Fedora Core 2, I decided it was worth switching to OpenSuSE, in an attempt to move back to the old days (0.96) when I first started with SuSE, trying before deciding to switch this site to OpenSuSE as well.

I started with the BitTorrent download. Initially, this was extremely painful, because bits would trickle in at a snail’s pace, but after applying routing changes suggested and waiting for a while, things picked up. Instead of waiting for four days things were over in about 20 hours.

Then I burned the ISO images from the torrent to CD, and restarted my machine. Everything went up perfectly…


Searching a New Home

A few days looking… And it looks scary, very scary. The rentals are diminishing in number by the day, and the closer we get to the end of the year, the worse it is going to be. Maybe I’ll even have to move to a temporary shelter, and at this point even the cats are negotiable.

This is quite the tragedy for me. I should have reacted much sooner, in September, when the opportunities were still numerous. Or I should have waited until January, when the first people break their leases because they can’t stand it here. (Why?)

I still stand by my original assessment, only that now Palo Alto is pretty much out of the question because there just isn’t much going on. It would have been interesting, though!