Day: June 25, 2005


The very memorable Jennifer Garner stars in this forgettable action-packed movie.  Elektra is a spin-off of the recent Daredavil, starring Ben Affleck, which bombed at the box office.

Since Spiderman captured the audiences and ranked in the Top Ten Highest Grossing Movies of All Times, comic book characters have become the targets of big budget Hollywood. It worked with Superman decades ago, it worked with Spiderman – why wouldn’t it work with Daredevil, too?

Elektra is an assassin by choice. Rejected by her martial arts teacher because of anger containment problems, she lives a jet set life of murder and luxury. Until she finds the one man (with child) she can’t kill. It turns out that man and his child are sent by the martial arts teacher as a sort of test.

The Life of Brian

How on Earth could I have lived almost 38 years without ever seeing "The Life of Brian" to the end? It is a movie in its own category, even within the Monty Python group; friends had been telling me I had to watch it for a long, long time.

Now that I am through it, I have to admire the incredible finesse with which the MP crew packs a short amount of time. It is bound to be the highest concentration of satiric jokes on DVD. Some of the skits they came up with are so amazingly to the point, you can’t really laugh because there is too much depth.