In beautiful Catholic Ireland, women with illegitimate children are coerced into concentration camps run by monastic orders (of nuns). The children, actually, are taken away and given up for adoption, while the women are interned, locked up, and forgotten. They will be coerced to work in a commercial laundry facility all day to atone for their sins. There is no term limit, they will spend their whole life in the camp if nobody remembers them and gets them out.

The plot sounded like science fiction to me. Or at least some medieval spooky tale of witches, devil worship and crazy Jesuits monks brandishing the Witch Hammer at a town gathering. Turns out it’s an almost contemporary tale, with the last of the concentration camps closing in 1996. [Note: I do not think Jesuit monks are crazy. I actually know a lot of contemporary Jesuit monks, and those I know are smart, literate, considerate and kind.]