Day: May 5, 2005


It started out just as the common (but severe flu). Then I decided to take some nice medication – it made me feel super-healthy!

So far so good. When I then went on to go back to work and to spinning class, that little bug turned into a major bronchitis that has been killing me for the last week.


Adding RSS awareness to your site

I just figured out how to make my site have the neat [RSS] box that Firefox displays to indicate your site has an RSS feed available.

It’s actually very simple: you just have to go to the Administrator screen. There, in Modules, select Syndicate. In Syndicate, look to the right and click on Parameters.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

So I thought I was going to get a classic of the genre, and got ready for a night of gore and terror, afraid I might not sleep. The first twenty minutes alone, though, made it clear this was one of those movies that terrifies only the culture that begat them. Thirty years later, we are terrified of terrorists, maybe of AIDS, but psychedelic terror just doesn’t cut it any more.